Super quick training to get you up and running.

Setting up your personal or business mCard.

You'll never be without the most powerful business card available anywhere.

Adding a contact & sending your mCard.

Its easy to add a contact, send your mCard and build your marketing list. Here's how.

Creating a list.

A list is a specific group of individuals that you wish to contact all at once. Creating your lists is fast and easy.

Moving Contacts between lists.

Over time you'll find lots of good reasons to move a contact from one list to another. Especially because many of your new contacts will first be placed in the "unassigned" list. You'll need to know how to move them. It's easy. Here's how.

Sending a text message.

It's super easy, to a group or an individual. Watch this short video to learn everything you'll need to know.

Managing your account

Changing your data or upgrading your service relationship with Mobile Card Plus take only a minute. Only about as long as this training video. Enjoy.

Deleting contacts or lists.

Maintain current a functions lists and contacts will periodically require you to delete something. Here's how.