Frequently Asked Questions

How is MobileCardPlus marketing superior to social media marketing?

With social media, your messages get lumped together with dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands, of other messages. Social media users are always impacted by both paid advertising and a constant barrage of information that pulls their attention in other directions. With MobileCardPlus, your message is clear of outside clutter and interruptions. It is targeted to very specific readers and thus can be much more effective. It can be as simple as a link to a coupon or questionnaire or as sophisticated as an open door to an entire web site. With MobileCardPlus, you remain in charge of who sees what messages and you can do it at any time from any location because your smartphone is your mobile marketing platform.

Why is the digital mobile business card function important?

By using the mobile card function, you are able to accomplish multiple things at the same time. First, by inputting a receiver's name and phone number you are immediately capturing that data and effectively building a personal and private data base of important contacts for future use. Then when you forward your digital information, your contact receives not only your contact data, that they can easily merge into their contacts data base, they can also receive a video or audio message of your choice. They also have direct access to your web site or links to your social media accounts and recent posts. With MobileCardPlus you are providing more information, more access and more promotional material than in any other way. And of course your contact can immediately bookmark your website and social media accounts for future visits.

How often can I change my mobile business card?

With MobileCardPlus, you are always in charge of your data and information. You can change it at any time and for any reason. The process is quick and easy. This way you can always keep your digital information fresh and attractive. You'll never again have to pay a programmer to fix your website or order new business cards after a change of address or phone number.

How many contacts or lists of contacts can I have.

With your subscription, you qualify for an unlimited number of contacts and an unlimited number of lists! With MobileCardPlus you can build a series of "lists", each with as many contacts as you like. The secret of effectively using lists is to have one for each group that you may wish to contact. Since you can include any contact in as many lists as you like, and since you can do bulk contacting to multiple lists at one time, you have the freedom and flexibility to contact, communicate and market as you feel appropriate.

Is it true that MobileCardPlus maintains a seperate webpage for each user?

Yes. When you send your mobile card to a new (or old) contact, you are actually sending them a link to a website optimized for smartphone functionality. Your contact can gain ongoing access to your information by going to that website or simply clicking on the link in your text message. Buy the way, if you prefer to manage your account, update lists, edit clients or download email addresses, you can do it all on your computer. That's right, you can manage your entire MobilCardPlus service on your laptop or desktop computer or your smart phone. Whatever works best for you. Its your choice.

Can I use my MobildCardPlus contacts to do an email campaign?

Yes. You are able to download your database of contacts in a format that will allow you to merge email addresses into popular email programs. However, of course you must first input the contact's email address. This process is fast and simple. It can be done when a contact is first put into your database, or can easily be added later.

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